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We serve fresh and delicious all day breakfasts and lunches on Baker Street in downtown Nelson, BC. We proudly source our ingredients seasonally and as locally as possible to offer quality food on our customer’s plates! 



Thank you for your ongoing support, keep in touch, be kind and take care!
The Full Circle Cafe Team

Full Circle Breakies...Served all day

Wake Up Sandwich
One egg, over hard, on a toasted english muffin with Circle Sauce!

With bacon or cheddar 5.75 Bacon & cheddar 6.75

Grilled Cinnamon Bun
A fresh homemade cinnamon bun sliced, buttered, and grilled to perfection. Served with cream cheese icing. 7.25


Fruit Cup (V)

A mix of hand sliced seasonal fruit.   5.75


An Oat-ie, But a Goodie! (V)

Good old-fashioned oatmeal served with fruit, cinnamon, brown sugar, and milk; accompanied by a slice of toast.   7.75 Add real Maple Syrup for 2.00

French Toast

Thick slices of Texas white bread coated in cornflakes and graham crackers, topped with seasonal fruit compote and toasted pecans; served with pancake syrup. 11.25
Real Maple Syrup for 2.00

Our Standard Breakfast
Enjoy BC Free Run Omega 3 Eggs served up any style, includes toast, house made jam & lightly seasoned pan-fries
1 egg11.50 2 eggs-  12.50 3 eggs- 13.50
Add Bacon, Ham or Breakfast Sausage 4.25   
Add Spicy Chorizo Sausage or locally made Buffalo Garlic Sausage 6.75

Veggie Scramble (V) GF

Curried Silver King tofu scrambled with chickpeas, spinach, red onion and fresh basil, served with guacamole, toast and pan-fries.  17.00

Ranchero Breakfast Tacos (V) GF

Our Ranchero is a scramble of three eggs (or tofu), onion and ranchero sauce, served with tomato and green onion on a trio of corn tortilla shells, accompanied by guacamole, fresh black bean & corn salsa, & a side of seasoned pan-fries.  17.75

add cheddar cheese 1.75 

Smoked Salmon Egg Scramble GF

A delicious combination of OceanWise smoked BC Wild salmon, scrambled eggs, banana peppers, onions, &

mozzarella cheese, served with a side of guacamole, toast & pan-fries.  22.00

Crab Cake and Eggs

Two eggs any style accompanied by two house made crab cakes (stuffed with OceanWise crab and shrimp), topped with sweet chili hollandaise, served with toast & pan-fries.  23.00

Lyonnaise-style Breakfast Salad GF
Organic baby spring greens, tossed with sherry-dijon vinaigrette, topped with diced onion, crisp bacon and two poached eggs, served with fresh tomato and toast of your choice!    16.75

*Everything is made fresh and to order. Please be patient……
**A discretionary gratuity of 20% may be added for parties of 6 or more
*Prices do not include GST

A Breakfast Circle

Circle 1 is on the lighter side; the rest are a two egg mini-omelette served on a local organic potato bun.
GF option 2.75  Add seasoned pan-fries 4.00  Circle Salad 6.00

Circle 1

One fried egg, fresh basil, tomato, mozzarella & circle sauce, all on a sesame bagel   9.00

Circle 2 GF

Chorizo, mozzarella, ranchero sauce, spinach and circle sauce  11.50

Circle 3 (V) GF

Tomatoes, goat cheese, circle sauce, caramelized onions, and fresh basil   11.50

Circle 4 GF
Bacon, tomato, cheddar and chipotle mayo   11.50

All of our three egg omelettes are made lovingly with free run-Omega 3 eggs and served with
seasoned Pan-fries and choice of toast, with house made jam.
Substitute House made Cornbread 2.75
Gluten Free option    2.75


Tuscany (V) GF

Stuffed with mozzarella, tomato, spinach, almond basil pesto and artichokes! 17.25

Hot House GF

Fueled by spicy chorizo sausage, banana peppers, mozza and our own ranchero sauce 17.75

Canadian Special GF

Bacon, Crimini mushroom, cheddar cheese, green onion, topped with fresh hollandaise: sounds good, eh?  17.75

New Paris GF

Packed with ham, goat cheese, caramelized onion, & fresh basil, topped with hollandaise 18.25

Coastal GF
OceanWise BC Wild smoked sockeye salmon lox, basil and goat cheese!     22.00


Substitutes 'n Sides
Substitute salad for pan-fries  3.00
Substitute fruit cup for pan-fries    3.25
Substitute  fresh (or grilled) tomato for pan-fries 2.50 
Substitute Gluten Free bread or House Cornbread for toast 2.75


2 free-run Omega-3 eggs 4.50  

Fresh or Grilled Tomato 4.00

Guacamole or Black Bean Corn Salsa 3.75 

Bacon, Ham, or Sausage 4.25      

Chorizo Sausage 6.75    

Buffalo Garlic Sausage 6.75 

Organic potato bun 4.25  

Multi-grain, Rye or Sourdough w/jam 4.00   
Fruit cup 5.75

Crab cake  
10.75   or two for 18.25

Sesame bagel with cream cheese  5.50 

House Corn Bread 5.75 

Gluten Free Bread 5.75   

Seasoned Pan-fries 4.00  

Side Circle Salad 6.00 

Miso-Almond Gravy 4.25 

Gluten free bun 5.00
Hollandaise 4.50

All of our Benny’s (except ‘Taste of the South’) are served on a traditional English muffin with seasoned pan-fries.
Gluten Free option 2.75

Eggs Benedict GF

The ‘traditional’: two poached Omega 3 eggs and ham smothered in fresh hollandaise sauce  18.25

Half size    12.50

Eggs Florentine (V) GF

Poached eggs with Crimini mushrooms & spinach topped with hollandaise      18.25

Half size    12.50

Nanny’s Benny

Poached eggs, goat cheese, bacon, grilled tomato, caramelized onion and hollandaise  19.50

Half size   14.75

The West Coast

Wild BC smoked sockeye salmon and poached eggs, topped with hollandaise, capers, and fresh sliced red onion rings   22.25    Half size     16.75

The Taste of the South Benny GF
Poached eggs on hot, smoked brisket (Memphis style), or smoked pulled pork (Missouri style) on fresh cornbread, topped with hollandaise   19.75     *No half size available*


**Sorry, no ½ orders**

Veggie Hash (V) GF

Potatoes, curried yams, green onions, goat cheese, topped with 2 poached eggs and

Miso-almond gravy and pecan-beet pesto, served with 1 slice of toast 19.00 


Kick Hash GF

Spice up your day with a mix of buffalo sausage, bacon, banana peppers, potatoes, red onion, scrambled eggs & mozzarella cheese, topped with our chipotle hollandaise & served with

1 slice of toast  19.00


Spanish Hash GF

A combination of spicy chorizo sausage, cheddar, potatoes, red onions & black bean-corn salsa, topped with two eggs any style and ranchero sauce & served with grilled fresh cornbread    19.00

Although we do not have a gluten-free kitchen, we will make every attempt to meet your needs for a gluten-restricted diet. The items listed as ‘GF’ on the menu are appropriate for a Gluten-restricted diet, as is, or can be ordered with minor changes. We take measures to preventcross contamination; however, because we still serve wheat products from our kitchen,
there is a chance of some cross contamination.

*Prices do not include GST

*All menu substitutions and modifications will be gladly entertained.
Please remember however, that depending on the extent of the sub or mod, price will be reflected accordingly.*

Full Circle Lunches

Full Circle Salad (v)GF
A bowl of tender baby organic salad greens (arugula, spinach, red & green lettuce), topped with shredded carrots, beets, tomato, cucumber, red onion and local sprouts; sprinkled with a handful of toasted seeds and served with house-made apple cider vinaigrette on the side 12.50
Add: 5oz. Smoked Chicken Breast 9.00 or Smoked Salmon Lox 10.25

Chef's Homemade Soup of the Day
A bowl of the best soup in town with a slice of Kootenay Bakery sourdough multigrain. 8.00
Cup of soup without bread 5.75

Burgers and such

*Burgers are served on a local organic potato bun with Circle Sauce,

 Mixed greens, tomatoes, onion, & pickles;

accompanied by your choice of seasoned pan-fries, Circle salad, or cup of soup
Gluten Free option Add 2.75

  • Half salad & half fries  2.75 
  • Sub tomato slices for fries  2.00
  • Add bacon (3 slices) 4.25  
  • Add Crimini mushrooms  2.75
  • Add cheddar or mozzarella cheese 1.75
  • Add goat cheese, or provolone  2.50

The Redneck GF

A 6 ounce Grass Fed beef patty     19.75


The Redneck Mofo (mouthful) GF

A 6 oz Grass Fed patty topped with our smoked brisket and house BBQ sauce!

The bun is dressed with chipotle mayo on this great burger.  21.25


Black Bean and Yam Burger (V) GF

Black beans, yams, quinoa, pepitas, sunflower seeds and other goodies all combined in our kitchen to make this 

one of the tastiest around!   On a local organic potato bun with chipotle mayo!       19.75


Smoked BBQ Beef Brisket GF

Slowly smoked to perfection, then pulled and served hot with house BBQ sauce on local organic potato bun, dressed up with Circle Sauce and mozzarella; served with and seasoned pan fries  19.75


Pulled Smoked Pork GF

Slow-smoked pork shoulder, with house BBQ sauce & a little ‘slaw on top “Carolina Style”, all stacked into a local organic potato bun, served with pan fries   19.75 


*Everything is made fresh, and to order. Please be patient.*




Sandwiches & Wraps

Grown-Up Grilled Cheese

A grilled cheese sandwich that’s for bigger tastes. A delicious combination of mozza and cheddar cheese, fresh apple-basil blend, and bacon! All served up between two slices of artisan sourdough bread hot off the grill  8.75 


A slight twist on the classic, with bacon, organic mixed greens, & slices of fresh tomato on marble rye with a little Circle Sauce. Simple and tasty!  8.75

Herbivore’s Wrap (V)

The black bean-yam patty, grilled then tucked in with chipotle aioli, black bean corn salsa, mozza and spinach, blanketed in a spinach tortilla!!     14.75

That’s A Wrap! 

Spicy! Our house Smoked chicken breast, tomatoes, cheddar, fresh spinach, red onion, guacamole, ranch dressing & a little Sriracha hot sauce, lovingly wrapped up in a spinach tortilla    14.75

Salmon Bagel

A classic! BC Wild smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion, capers & spinach with Circle Sauce on a sesame bagel 14.75

Smoked Chicken Sandwich
Not like your average sandwich... This is a stack of our 5oz. house-smoked naturally raised chicken breast with bacon, tomato, provolone cheese, spinach, house BBQ Sauce and caramelized onions, on a grilled organic potato bun with Circle Sauce!! Served with choice of pan fries or salad     19.75


In our current world of ‘eco-knowledge’, the issues of sustainability and reducing one’s carbon footprint are always at the forefront. It is our pleasure to inform our valued customers that, in the spirit of sustainability we have been able to achieve the following measures: Our eggs are Omega 3, antibiotic and growth hormone free; our suppliers of beef and pork proudly grow without the use of antibiotics and growth hormones; our specialty chickens are raised start to end on an Abbotsford farm that grow all of their own feed, and do not use antibiotics and growth hormones. Our smoked salmon is wild caught BC sockeye salmon, processed in BC and an OceanWise product. Sourcing as locally as possible for these and all other menu items has been a satisfying endeavour. We hope that you enjoy our results!

*All menu substitutions and modifications will be gladly entertained. Please remember however, that depending on the extent of the sub or mod, price will be reflected accordingly.

*A 20% discretionary gratuity may be added for parties of 6 or more

*Menu prices may be subject to change without notice


Something hot?

Coffee or Orange Pekoe Tea   3.50
Herbal Tea   3.75
Hot Chocolate  5.00
Mocha  5.25
Cappuccino (double)   5.00
Espresso (single) 3.50
Espresso (double)  4.25
Americano (single)  3.50
Americano (double)  4.25
Latte (single)    4.50
Latte (double)  5.25
Chai Latte (8oz)   4.75
Breve  5.25
Ristretto (dbl shot run as   4.25
single shot = Flavour!!)
Bongo (Ristretto mini latte)  5.25

On the cooler side....

Coke, Diet Coke   3.50
Lipton Brisk  3.50
Milk (small)  3.25
Milk (large)   4.25
Soy milk (small)   3.75
Soy milk (large)  4.25
Add chocolate sauce  1.00
Tomato Juice   3.75
Apple/Orange/Cranberry Juice
Small  3.25
Large  3.75

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